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VirDesk Solution Sdn Bhd

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Our Services & Products

Our Servuces
Multi Seats System
      Cost & License Solution
  • Multi users system to deliver 6 users in a CPU Desktop only with Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse

  • Business Users

   Servers Setup
          Servers Solution
  • AD Servers​

  • Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Application Server

  • Files Server

  • Backup & Replication Server

  • Business Users

      Two-Factors Authentication                           (2FA)
  • Server RDP Authenticator

  • PC RDP Authenticator

  • Business Users

   Private Cloud
          Privacy Solutions
  • Private Cloud Server

  • Private Cloud Hosting

  • Private Cloud Chat

  • Private Cloud Files Share

  • Private Cloud Video Conf

  • Business Users

   Raspberry PI4
       Alternative OS Solutions
  • RAS PI4 Desktop​

  • RAS PI4 RFID Desktop

  • RAS PI4 QR Scanner

  • RAS PI4 RDP System

  • Business Users

Intelligence Business Process
  • BOT & AI

  • Hyper Automation On Report Generator

  • Business Users


“The result is great for cost saving, save space, save energy or even more.”

SC Lim
Director Of M4Com


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